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This is a collection of comments from the staff. Not being able to draw them is what makes key cards, key cards.

Planning / Programming: 46_29

This is 46_29, currently feeling relieved because it looks like
we'll be able to release this game on time for Comiket 100,
an anniversary worth celebrating.
(I'm writing this on 8/13/2022 during Comiket.)

Team Shanghai Alice appears to be releasing a rogue game as well (or at least it looks like it?),
and I'm looking forward to it. I guess they're popular these days.

Speaking of anniversaries worth celebrating, it's 46flare's 10th anniversary! Its 10th!
I have all sorts of powerful feelings and things I'd like to say,
but I think I'll share those on another occasion.

I haven't talked about the game at all yet, so I'll do that now.
Fairy Card Rogue does all sorts of interesting things with its BGM.
For example, sometimes it's timed with what's happening on screen,
and some songs have alternate versions, and so on.
I think it's quite the new approach when it comes to our games.
(I'm grateful to Gomoku and heric for composing just what I wanted!)

Now then, I haven't thought about what to do from here,
but since we've made a roguelite, I'd like to take the chance
to keep improving and adding to it. Please play it a lot!

(Maybe something will happen if you press
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A
while on the title screen...?
We did this in Gensou City Quest too, huh...)

Jacket Illustration: Tomoki Tomonori

I'm Tomoki Tomonori, the one who drew the jacket illustration.

I worked hard to make Lily's thighs appealing!
She gives you such a good look at them in the
Critical Blow card featured in-game, after all.
I put forth my all to draw out her charm for you!
(I actually went overboard and showed her butt a bit
and was asked to tone it down.)

I liked the Lily I was drawing so much that I
went wild and ended up delivering a full-body image,
which I had made into a special plastic bag
that you get if you purchase the game at Comiket.
By all means, buy it at the venue so you can
fully appreciate Lily's beautiful legs.

In-Game Illustrations: Oyama Bokuti

I'm Oyama Bokuti.
I drew some in-game illustrations for this game.
This might be my first time drawing Lily so much.
Whether she's drawn young or not really changes her image,
in my personal opinion, so it was pretty difficult.

In-Game Illustrations: Chibi dora

Hello, and nice to meet you! I'm Chibi dora!
I was invited to draw the bosses, some card art,
as well as the bonus art for this game.
Drawing art for a game was one of my dreams,
so I'm really grateful... I hope you like it!

Lily's kawaii with her clothes torn up, too! (┃ヮ┃〃)

BGM: Gomoku

I'm Gomoku.
I've been mainly practicing Fitful Nightmare lately.
It's the last scene I need for Ultimate Cheating Life Form...

I always (a bit forcefully) come up with things to say regarding the
"overall intent" of my songs, or their "themes" when
writing these comments. For this time, let's see...
How's "just a little cute" sound?
I think that rather than being foreboding and stressful,
having the music let you loosen up a bit so you can enjoy
yourself with the game is better, don't you?

BGM: heric

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, everyone,
my name's heric or something like that.
Having grown fond of Lily White, I've dipped my toes
into game and doujinshi creation for a little while now,
but I'm also one of those musician things. Probably.

I did 3 or so arranges this time around.
I'm always so glad to be asked to contribute...
It's always so nice to hear my songs in a game...
I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity.

I'm not good enough to beat games of this genre,
like Sl*y the Spire or *verdungeon, but I like playing
them a bit here and there, so I'm having a lot of fun
playing Fairy Card Rogue, too...
This is the only game in the genre where you can play
as Lily, so it's very exciting.

Whether you've played this genre of game before or not,
I hope you have all have a good time with Fairy Card Rogue.
I'd certainly like it if you'd pay some attention
to its music on occasion, too.

Touhou arranges give you so much freedom...
Everyone ought to make music...

Misc.: tenpre

Hi there, I always handle the misc. work.
I haven't done any lately, though.
Why am I even here...?

I did some testing on the game as well as some video work
this time around. To be honest, the game has a lot to do
and it feels like it offers a lot of playtime, so even I
don't have a full grasp of all it has to offer.
I'd like to ask all of you to test what's left in my stead.
Send your impressions to 46_29.

To those who bought the game, did you go to Comiket, and
have you been going to other events? I haven't gone much
since the pandemic began. I've been doing more things in
my life online instead lately... Things sure have changed.
I guess that's just how this era is... It'll probably
stay that way, too.

You can get Team Shanghai Alice's games on Steam as of
late, so maybe it's been a while since we've had any
super long lines.
(I'd rather see the standby lines gone though, lol)
But, losing that special part of summer and winter is
kind of a shame.

All sorts of new things are happening in the doujin world,
and the whole environment around it will probably change.
I hope that everyone finds new ways to enjoy it.
I think this game has used those new things a lot as well,
and I hope that the new 46flare will be enjoyed all over.

...That all sounded forced, and I didn't even wrap it up?
Well, that's how things always are.
It's nice to have things that will never change.